How Laser Hair Removal is Done

14 Dec

When you are in a situation that requires permanent solutions, you can have a lot of stress that accompanies it. When you are aware of how laser hair removal is done, this can assist you to handle the stress before and when the process is going on.  For a long time, laser hair removal has been a common treatment and has gained popularity in the recent years. Laser hair removal has been proven to be safe, effective and more permanent than the rest of the hair removal ways such as tweezing, shaving, waxing, and electrolysis. Laser hair removal cannot be done on people with fine, blonde or grey hair and there is a specific type of laser that is the best for people with dark hair and skin. The lasers that are used in removing hair at a special beam of light that focuses on the melanin, which gives color to the hair and skin and the follicle.

The laser beam is passed through the skin and soaks the melanin that is present in the follicles of the hair. For this reason, people who have fair skin and hair that is dark get the best results. If you have skin tone and hair color that are similar, the lasers cannot differentiate between the skin and hair. There is a laser with a long wave that is best for people with dark hair and skin. The laser works in such a way that it destroys the hair follicle to the extent it cannot be repaired, and hair grows no more in that area. After the follicle has been removed, the skin closes which makes a smooth surface on the skin. Laser hair removal works only on hair that is growing actively. For more facts and information about laser hair removal, visit

The laser does not remove hair that is not growing well which results in more laser skin servicesbeing performed to remove the hair from the area you want completely. Some of the parts of the body respond to treatment different than others so the number of treatments you may require may depend on the area you are working. For you to get effective treatment in one place, more than one treatment is recommended. Laser treatments that are used currently produce cold air that numbs which reduces the pain. What is experienced by most people is discomfort which varies from one person to the other depending on their ability to tolerate pain. The discomfort experienced is mild and gets finished after a few seconds. You should inquire the type of lasers that are used at a certain place before undergoing the treatment and the level of discomfort to expect.

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